Independent Recommendations

Stewart Shackleton has been recommended by Legal 500 and Chambers Directory in both public international law and international arbitration:

  • Stewart Shackleton has been recommended by Legal 500 in international arbitration as “very well regarded”.
  • Legal 500 has recommended Stewart in Public International Law as having “an outstanding reputation, particularly in ICSID arbitrations.”
  • Chambers Directory has also highly recommended Stewart Shackleton for international commercial arbitration, as “well known by peers for his distinctive approach” and as “an experienced advocate who is qualified to practice in England, Canada, France and Hong Kong.”
  • In Chambers Directory, Stewart Shackleton “is praised for his multi-jurisdictional qualifications”; according to clients “he demonstrates a genuine sensitivity to the local norms of any international matter.”

What clients say

“Stewart helped us with [an arbitration] and he was excellent. I would give top marks for the oral hearing. I thought Stewart showed a lot of calm and tolerance in difficult circumstances and showed a lot of adaptability and legal acumen. [Stewart] earned my praise for jumping on a plane at twenty four hours notice and adapting to very unusual circumstances. Stewart in particular worked 16 hour days for four or five days and kept his spirits up and delivered when he had to deliver… I could not ask for more on that.”
Head of Legal Department of a Gulf State Holding Company

“Stewart represented our group of companies against a major multinational, one of the world’s largest, when we were advised by many others that we had no chance. We prevailed and won handsomely. We worked with Stewart for around three years on this case. He has a brilliant intellect and knowledge of the law. He fought very hard for us and was always available. He genuinely cares for his clients. Stewart was at his best during the hearings, truly in his element. He displayed nerves of steel and thrived on circumstances where others showed hostility by using this to our advantage and to help the arbitrators better understand the facts. I believe that these hearings decided the case in our favour.”
CEO Middle East Oil and Gas Company

“Extremely satisfied. I have been dealing with other firms in the UK and worldwide. The highest score that I have given is based on the professional qualities of Stewart Shackleton. He is a lawyer who has experience in different jurisdictions. It is clear that his credentials are the outcome of his experience in two particular areas; that is civil law and common law. These both have different institutions and different ways of understanding matters of the law. Stewart is well prepared in both areas. He is different from other good lawyers and colleagues that I have worked with in the past from the UK, and this gives him an advantage over the other professionals. The other professionals are great, but this special feature that he has concerning his experience, gives him an advantage over the rest.”
In-house Counsel to State-owned Argentine manufacturing company

“Mr. Shackleton is one of the most experienced in arbitration issues, especially in the IT industry. He was very dedicated, loyal and willing to put the utmost effort into this exercise. His knowledge was impressive and his way of handling the matter was very useful to us. He took us to a very good settlement in this arbitration. That is why I am very impressed with his skills, knowledge and dedication.”
Head of Legal Department at Gulf State software company

“Even though we are in India, the distance was never a barrier. Stewart was always available to answer our questions, and unlike other lawyers, he was always able to explain things in a way we could understand. He communicated very clearly, and presented things as they were. He was meticulous, and we never had to ask for clarification on anything he had done. It was all very satisfying at the end of the day. It was as if we were dealing with a friend rather than a professional relationship. We were involved in a dispute where we could lose millions of rupees, and Stewart made us feel comfortable with the situation… Stewart helped us to understand the situation as it was, and gave us as laymen, all the different options. He made it very clear what the probable outcome would be. He pointed out our weaknesses and helped us to work on them. Anyone can point out the strengths of a case, but he made us aware of the weak areas too.”
Head of Legal of Indian commodities manufacturer and exporter

“It is the way in which Stewart understands our system. He is able to translate it and make all of our legal institution cases and circumstances comprehensible. The common law system is not the same as others, and you need to have specific background experience and education in order to know how to manage and present it. What Stewart is doing regarding this understanding is very important. Very few of the legal professionals that I have worked with in the past know how to do this.”
Lawyer, co-counsel in arbitration and court proceedings

“We asked Stewart to assist in disputes which arose in a high profile oil and gas construction project in the Gulf. Although it involved advanced technological issues and consisted of multi-discipline engineering deliverables, Stewart was able to comprehend and assess the issue within a very tight deadline and in unusual conditions. He made sure that he led us through the right path and opened for us a new window of better understanding our Client, the government. He kept on guiding us even after the consultancy assignment. Beside his intellectual faculties and acute sense of observation, Stewart has a human approach and dedication to his work that are rare in other individuals of his profession. He’s our counsel of choice.”
Project Manager, Middle Eastern construction company

“I was impressed in the manner in which Stewart handled an arbitration brought against our company by a European joint venture and another arbitration concerning the construction of a shopping mall. He was professional, considerate and able to see things from our perspective. Despite time constraints, Stewart provided a precise assessment of the case. He identified what needed attention, and was quite practical as to the best way to obtain a favourable outcome. During the oral hearing his submissions demonstrated talent for convincing, forthright and poignant advocacy.”
In-house Counsel, UAE Construction Company

“Stewart advised us on a corporate dispute in connexion with the sell-out of minority shareholders under the Swiss Arbitration Rules. I could not have found better co-operation in terms of availability and flexibility. He is reliable with a high level of integrity. Advice is limited to what is really needed to get things done successfully. He is focused on getting the deal closed for the client rather than charging a lot of money.”
CEO of Major French Publishing Company

“I worked with Stewart as co-counsel on a major construction arbitration under UAE law. Stewart is the most dynamic lawyer I have worked with. He is completely at home with civil law and does not approach it from a common law perspective. This sets him apart in his field of work with a skill set vital to international disputes. Stewart’s legal mind is second to none. His expertise is a must have in any sizeable international arbitration. Stewart was always available and showed a concern and dedication to our matter which surpassed the normal lawyer-client relationship I am accustomed to. Highly recommended.”
In-house Legal and Head of Contentious for one of the largest Middle East Construction and Real Estate Development companies